ABOUT Bold & Visible

“There has never been a more significant moment in history for women to step into Bold & Visible feminine leadership.” Callie B. Elwayns

The glass ceiling is crumbling, giving way to unprecedented opportunities for women to step forward as the most powerful and authentic version of ourselves.

So, what’s holding us back?

We’re strong and we’ve accomplished a lot, yet many women still report an experience of feeling invisible and undervalued. There is still a gap between the potentials we feel inside, what we’re experiencing in our careers and our lives.

The question is…

  • Do you ever play small or dim down to please others?

  • Do you worry about taking up too much space or shining too bright?

  • Do you find yourself withholding your authentic expression or not speaking your truth?

  • Do you celebrate other people’s success but minimize your own?

  • Do you battle with limiting beliefs like feeling different, unwanted or not enough?

  • Do you have a hard time promoting yourself personally or professionally?

  • Do you ever feel your contributions are invisible, go unrecognized, or get passed over?

  • Is there a creative potential inside of you that never seems to make it to the surface?

  • Do you want to step up to play your biggest game possible?

Bold & Visible is a launching pad, catapulting women into greater levels of leadership presence, authentic self-expression, and business success!

release old patterns that limit your potential

We facilitate a deeply healing and transformational process to let go of limiting beliefs and create space for new empowered stories to arise.

  • Cultivate self-compassion, mindfulness, and a greater ability to take risks;  

  • Learn how to harvest breakdowns and create unprecedented breakthrough opportunities;

  • Increase our confidence, creativity, and performance results;

  • Build collaborative partnerships that support our success;

  • Connect to our deeper truth and full potential; and

  • Transform our relationship to ourselves, to others, to our career and our larger destiny in the world.

Our transformational tools and practices inspire and promote personal and professional growth, and ignite our truest expression in the world.

awaken and Activate your body

Learn to use breath, voice, posture, movement, and awareness to powerfully increase our leadership presence, visibility and influence.

We use somatic movement and performing arts-based practices to awaken and expand our experience of being powerfully present, connected, and authentically expressed.

Our team has the experience and skills to create safe, fun, and deeply experiential spaces for women to step onto their growing edge together through:

  • Voice and breath work;

  • Physical and somatic movement;

  • Improvisation style practices;

  • Dance, play, and celebration;

  • Speaking and storytelling;

  • Fashion experimentation and more.

We have backgrounds in the performing arts, professional speaking, voice, somatic movement, corporate, and feminine leadership models.

Join us as we gather together in art venues and on stages, to expand, express, and celebrate our feminine power together!

Find your Voice and Tell Your Story

Amplify your career potential with personal storytelling skills for powerful feminine leaders!

Humans are wired for story! To be at the top of our career game we need to be able to powerfully craft and communicate our personal story. Sharing our authentic story creates trust and builds confidence and connection with those around us.

Personal story transforms the everyday leader into the powerfully present leader by creating a space for vulnerability and human connection. Not only is storytelling a powerful tool for cultivating leadership presence, it fosters inner healing and left/right brain integration. We literally become smarter and more effective once we learn how to tell our story.

the “Bold & Visible Monologues”

Our signature transformation program culminates in full stage performances to boost our confidence and expand our nervous systems ability to be seen, expressed, and celebrated!

grow in community!

Join the Bold & Visible community of women who stand together hand in hand, to crush limiting beliefs that keep us small, find our true voice, and step courageously forward to play our biggest game possible! We are a community of women to learn, grow, celebrate, and expand with.

We offer:

  1. Programs and Workshops

  2. Leadership Presence Coaching

  3. Speaking and Facilitation