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It’s time to GET VISIBLE! 

Unleash your voice, own your story, ignite your mission. 

This 6-month program is a launching pad, catapulting women into greater levels of leadership presence, authentic self-expression, career and business success!

There has never been a more important moment, when our voice and contributions as women have been needed on this planet. 

The glass ceiling is crumbling, giving way to unprecedented opportunities for women to step forward as the most powerful and authentic version of ourselves.

Yet, in spite of being so accomplished, many of us still struggle with the courage to speak our truth and step into visibility.

We recently surveyed 150 high achieving women. Here are the top 5 issue that are still holding them back:

  • Fear of taking up too much space and time. 

  • Fear of being seen for who they really are. 

  • Looking like they are taking all the credit. 

  • Fear of being exposed as a FRAUD, and …

  • Fear of speaking their authentic truth. 

We are at a tipping point. We can no longer afford to dim down, play small or withhold our authentic voice. 

It’s time to step into full visibility and play your biggest game! 

Join us for the Fall 2019


An experiential program with four critical steps …


We begin with a deeply healing and transformational process to let go of limiting core patterns and beliefs.

We all have hidden power blocks literally wired into our body. Their evolutionary purpose is to keep us safe, but they’re limiting the results we are getting in our lives. These patters keep us small, silent and invisible. They affect who we are being, what we are perceiving, what we are experiencing, and how the world is responding to us. 

Together, we will live into a new, empowered story:

  • Identify and release the embodied blocks that are holding you back

  • Increase your confidence, creativity and ability to take risks

  • Connect to your deeper truth and full potential 

  • Transform your relationship to yourself and others

  • Ignite your purpose and step into the highest expression of yourself


Our body is full of intelligence and creativity, but we spend a lot of time in our heads, cut off from our natural impulses and our deepest yearnings. This makes sense because in the corporate world strategy and logic are valued and seen as the key to success. But there is a cost, especially for women…

Being disconnected from the inner wisdom of our bodies limits our joy, our feminine presence and our leadership potential.

As part of the program, you will use somatic movement and performing arts-based practices to awaken your natural impulses so that you can express yourself truthfully in the moment. You will learn how to use your breath, voice, posture, movement, and somatic awareness to powerfully increase your presence, visibility and influence.  

Our team has backgrounds in the performing arts, professional speaking, voice, somatic embodiment coaching and feminine leadership models. 


Amplify your career potential with personal storytelling skills for powerful feminine leaders!

As women find their confidence through their true voice and authentic expression, we will generate a groundswell of positive change in the world!

To truly ignite our mission in the world we need to be able to powerfully craft and share our personal story. Sharing our story builds confidence, trust and connection. 

Even more profoundly, the process of sourcing and crafting our stories is deeply healing and transformative. It allows us to step back and make meaning of our lives. By honoring our journey, we become more integrated, whole and powerful! 

Through our stories we can share our gifts, free of the shame, isolation and doubt that once held us back. 

Are you searching for your purpose? Your personal story will point you directly to your site of leadership in the world. Like a compass, it will guide you in the direction of your mission.

When you know your story, you will know your true value in your bones and … and by sharing your story on stage, you will fully embody your visibility.



We cannot become ourselves in isolation.

Join the Bold & Visible community of women who stand together hand in hand, to crush limiting beliefs that keep us small, find our true voice, and step courageously forward to play our biggest game possible!  

We are a community of women to learn, grow, celebrate, and expand with.



Package 1: The Essentials

  • Two in person ½ day group intensives per month

  • One Zoom video group integration and coaching session per month

  • Weekly practices and homework

  • Practice TRIADS – groups of three woman to deepen your practice and grow with

  • A private Facebook Mastermind group

  • Voice and movement coaching

  • Personal story crafting

  • Guidance and steps to integrate your personal story in your business or career

Package 2: VIP 

  • All the above plus …

  • One 90-minute PRIVATE coaching session / per month with Callie B. Elwayns

  • One PRIVATE 90-minute story crafting session during the program

  • A stage performance of your personal story in front of a live audience at the BOLD & VISIBLE MONOLOGUES

  • Group rehearsals and practice hours in studio

  • VIP launch package: professional video and photos of your live story performance that you can use for your website and social media


Our Application process …

About Your Guide and Mentor

Callie B. Elwayns

Building on almost two decades at the helm of corporate leadership, Callie founded BOLD & VISIBLE where she offers life changing programs and mentorship, to catapult women into bold new levels of leadership presence, visibility and business success.

Callie’s unique method draws on performing arts-based practices, voice and movement training, improvisation, somatic coaching and personal storytelling, to awaken an embodied experience of authentic confidence, self-expression and visibility. 

Callie is the Moderator and Curator of The Grizzly Den, a panel of prominent business leaders in Calgary, Alberta who mentor and listen to pitches from professional athletes and executives transitioning their careers and transforming their lives. 

Earlier Event: October 27
It's time to get visible!