Bold & Visible Discovery Survey

This tool is to support your reflection on where you would like to be in specific areas and where you currently are. Please be honest with yourself, this isn’t an assessment, we will use the tool as a starting point for reflecting and creating the coaching outcome together.

For questions 1 through 8, think about what an ideal life would look like for you, then choose an option that reflects how satisfied you feel in that area (Strongly Disagree = very dissatisfied, Strongly Agree = fully satisfied).

To support your reflection, we have provided you with examples of what a fulfilled life might look like in each area, however, please don’t limit yourself to these examples and instead focus on what is important to you in that area.

1. Love and Relationships *
1. Love and Relationships
For example, you’re in a fulfilling romantic relationship, where you feel ‘met’ on all levels, you have fulfilling, rich, growth-oriented relationships with spouse, family, and friends.
2. Prosperity and Career *
2. Prosperity and Career
For example, you’re earning enough to have the resources to thrive, prosper and contribute in life, you’re managing finances effectively, working in a career where you feel fulfilled and is aligned with your values.
3. Creativity *
3. Creativity
For example, you enjoy creating, playing and having fun on a regular basis, you have some form of creative expression, such as painting, dancing, writing, etc.
4. Spirituality *
4. Spirituality
For example, you feel deeply connected to a higher power and trust life to support you to create, grow and evolve, you trust your inner wisdom to guide and support you.
5. Health *
5. Health
For example, you’re fit, healthy, radiant, vital and have enough energy to do everything you want to do, you support yourself to eat well and stay calm/centered daily.
6. Influence *
6. Influence
For example, you feel like you’re impacting, uplifting and empowering regularly, you’re leading the groups and numbers of people you want to be impacting.
7. Calling *
7. Calling
For example, you feel like you know what you’re calling or purpose is, you’re cultivating your purpose and sharing it with the world.
8. Confidence *
8. Confidence
For example, you feel the confidence to create what you want in your life, to lead others, to take risks, express yourself fully with others, and follow your inner wisdom/ideas.
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