Embodied visibility

Visibility is NOT a Mindset Exercise! 


Step 1 is to: Let go of the embodied patterns and beliefs that are limiting our potential. 

Fundamental shifts can only happen when we compassionately reconnect with our self in the BODY. Somatic embodiment practices can help us release deeply buried trauma patterns and old belief systems that have become the hidden organizing principles of our lives. 

These organizing principles affect who we are being, how we perceive the world, and how the world responds to us. They generate those repeated frustrations, blocks and limitations that we either attribute to personal failure or to forces of the outside world beyond our control. 

We can begin to lovingly witness, sense and work with that inner world; those parts of us that we have feared, protected and disconnected from. This inner work can support the soma (body/mind) to let go of it’s contractions and habitual pathways - its constant search for safety. 

By lovingly witnessing and working skillfully with the inner body (Soma) we can create safety and space for new possibilities to arise. We no longer live our lives through the contractions and contortions of an embodied network of limiting beliefs and habitual patterns. 

Contraction and expansion cannot exist together at the same time. 

It’s only once we have done this foundational work that we can begin to source our authentic voice, expand into visibility and take on our full mission in life! 

Action: The simplest action of taking slow, deliberate, deep breaths ... while dropping your awareness into your inner body, noticing, sensing and feeling with curiosity and empathy can create more space in the nervous system. A somatic loosening can begin. At first many people feel cut off from the inner body, numb, totally unable to access any sense or awareness of it. Keep at it this is a kind of body brain amnesia. This simple step itself done 5 minutes a day can be life changing. 

Callie B. Elwayns